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CryptoKitties: Arcade!


Play-to-learn platform to help you learn Cadence smart contract language.



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Project story

Emerald City, an organization dedicated to education and development on the Flow Blockchain, envisioned a unique twist for their new educational platform: integrating gaming elements. Their aim was to engage students in learning about Flow Blockchain through interactive gameplay.

Drawing inspiration from educational games like Crypto Zombies and classic arcade games, the concept of β€œCrypto Kitties: Arcade!” was born. Students embark on missions to rescue Crypto Kitties, mastering Flow and Cadence coding challenges along the way. We crafted the platform with a retro arcade aesthetic, combining nostalgic visuals with interactive learning. After designing the game, we took the challenge of developing the platform.

Key features developed:

  1. Mission Creation: A user-friendly platform empowering Emerald City members to create new missions effortlessly.
  2. Code Checker: Ensures student responses align with correct answers, facilitating learning and progress tracking.
  3. Retro Aesthetic: Vibrant animations and sound effects imbue the platform with an authentic old-school arcade atmosphere.
  4. Music Widget: Integration of a music player allowing students to enjoy tunes while immersed in gameplay.

The project made a significant impact on the Flow ecosystem, attracting over 450 students within the initial days of launch. The enthusiasm for the platform was evident, with official Flow team members expressing excitement across social media platforms.

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