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Our client’s primary objectives centered around revolutionizing the learning experience for the Flow Blockchain through the development of a user-friendly, community-driven educational platform. It was imperative that this platform supported multilingual capabilities and facilitated easy content contribution from community members.

Our studio assumed responsibility for the design and development of the platform, which subsequently emerged as the premier educational resource for the Flow Blockchain. Notably, even the official Flow website redirects individuals seeking information about the blockchain to our academy. The platform boasts a comprehensive array of features, including full-length written courses, video tutorials, an extensive collection of Cadence code examples for practical learning, as well as a repository of code snippets readily applicable to real-world projects. Additionally, we offer application skeletons in various technologies to expedite project initiation, and educational games designed to engage users in practical smart contract hacking challenges. Content was translated by the community to Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese

By offering a diverse range of learning materials and fostering active community participation, the platform has established itself as an indispensable resource for individuals looking to gain proficiency in the Flow Blockchain ecosystem.

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